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Born out of love for natural hair & the passion for keeping it healthy.
Embracing the crown and accentuating it's beauty.
It’s time for you and your hair's best life!

A Family Affair

My Name is Tasia and I'm the maker and creator, but all members of this little fam are involved in the accessories you'll find here at Tazzlyfe. Aaron and I are lifelong creatives and found our way to each other in early 2020 in the echanting southwest. It didn't take long for the universe to bless us with our son Irys. Aaron is a photographer and handles all the product shoots and media editing. Irys is the head of fabric sourcing. He loves rummaging through fabric and approves all the softest ones. We've lived many lives in this lifetime apart, but this season we are in now, with our wild little family, is my favorite. We're so glad and grateful to have you here with us. Welcome to Tazzlyfe